Wedding After-Hour Beauty To-Do’s

You’ve been planning the “big day” for how many months now? Well, all your planning is finally coming together today! Take these Wedding After-Hour to-do’s to help you unwind after the event.

You haven’t had an adequate amount of sleep for the last two weeks because you had to make sure you got plum ribbon for the center pieces instead of mauve. You haven’t eaten a home cooked meal, washed your hair, or done laundry in a week because you still haven’t gotten the caterer’s to confirm they’ll have enough silverware for all of your guests.

Your time has come to walk down the aisle and you’re ready to FINALLY just have a good time. You say “I do”, dance until your feet are literally ready to fall off, and then it’s just you and your new hubby.

But, you’re not done yet. I know, I know all you want to do is kick off your heels and go to bed, but you can’t!



Tip 1

Take off ALL of your makeup.

Tip 2

Wash your face because we know you didn’t NOT break a sweat in that hot tight, sexy dress of yours during the Wobble.

Tip 3

Moisturize. Just do it. You and I both know it’s one of the most important steps to gorgeous skin.

Tip 4

Brush your hair.. It’ll be a lot easier for what’s next… But save all of those bobby pins, Lord knows your vacuum doesn’t need to suck up anymore.

Tip 5

Take a shower, and actually wash your mane, please. You have enough dry shampoo and hairspray in your hair if somebody lit a flame twenty feet away, your hair would be the first thing it’d catch.

Tip 6

Last, but not least, brush your teeth. Burping up fresh mint is a lot more appealing than shrimp cocktail. Leave stank-breath for the morning.

Never EVER sacrifice beauty for being tired, even if it is your wedding night.

Stay Lovely!


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