Half Arm $40
Full Arm $55
Underarm $25
Upper Back $30
Lower Back $25
Full Back $70
Upper Leg $45
Lower Leg $45
Full Leg $75

Brazilian $60
Bikini $45

Eyebrows $30
Nose $12
Lip $12
Chin $12
Full Face $55

Our Facial Enhancements

Hair Removal

Our Facial

LipFix $15
Power Peel $40
Cold Seaweed Mask $35
Microdermabrasion $40
Hydrodermabrasion $65
LED Light Therapy $30
HydroJelly Mask $40
Zip Zap High Frequency $40
Gua Sha $25

In just under an hour, you’ll experience a comprehensive, personalized facial tailored to your wants and your skin’s needs. Your aesthetician will perform safe, effective extractions, but only if they deem your skin in good shape for them.  You'll have time to add enhancements to your treatment, boosting results and reaching your goals even faster. 


50 Minute Facial

Facials supercharge your skincare routine, make your home care work harder and help you reach your goals.

Have A Goal? We Have An Enhancement For It.

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